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  • If you come across a crash, call 911 and/or send someone to help.
  • Do not assume that someone else has called; it is better for emergency services to receive multiple calls than none.
  • Do not endanger yourself! Get out of the road as much as possible and turn on hazard lights to alert others.
  • Be careful when exiting your vehicle and stay out of traffic.
  • If someone is injured, administer first aid.
  • However, do not move an injured person who may have a neck or spinal injury.
  • Do not attempt to remove the helmet from an injured motorcyclist or cyclist.

Treatment for Shock: People who have been injured can go into shock. When someone is in shock, all bodily functions slow down. Shock can be very serious and can cause death. Treat those injured for shock regardless of whether they appear to be in shock:

  • Keep the injured person calm.
  • Do not give them anything to drink.
  • Have the person lie down and elevate their legs.
  • Cover the person with blankets to maintain body heat.
  • Keep an airway open.

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