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Bicycle Accident


In 2020, one out of ten Americans started riding a bicycle for the first time, largely as a way to distract themselves from the lockdowns caused by the pandemic. Now that more cyclists are sharing the road with motor vehicles, many drivers and cyclists are increasingly concerned about what to do if they are involved in a vehicle-bicycle accident.

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Some of the things you should do to avoid an accident are:

  • Whenever possible, stay in the designated bicycle lane;
  • If the designated bicycle lane has parked vehicles to your left, be cautious of opening driver-side doors;
  • Follow the rules of the road as if you were operating a motor vehicle;
  • If traveling at night, use reflective gear to be visible to motor vehicle drivers;
  • Ensure your bicycle is equipped with reflective gear to be visible in rain, fog, or at night;
  • Use appropriate hand signals to inform others of your intended path;
  • Be cautious of aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, or negligent/reckless drivers;
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or other mind-altering substances while riding your bicycle;

In the event of a collision between a car and a bicycle, you should:

  • Call the police;
  • Take photographs of the scene immediately after the accident or have a witness take photos of the accident scene;
  • Take photos of the vehicle involved in the accident;
  • Take photos of the bicycle involved in the accident;
  • Obtain the name and phone number of witnesses;
  • Obtain insurance information from the driver of the vehicle;
  • Seek medical assistance in case of an injury, especially as the effects of a concussion are not always obvious.

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