Liability for Injury

The most complicated questions in premises liability are: who owes the duty of care, and to whom do they owe it? A property owner is generally liable for injuries occurring due to hazardous conditions on the property. The term “property owner” may refer not only to the person or business whose name is on the title, but also to a tenant or other person or business who has control of the property. A tenant in an office building, for example, may have an agreement with the building owner to maintain the leased premises in a safe condition and to be responsible for injuries. Liability for an injury may also be split between a tenant and a property owner.

In premises liability cases, the duty of care is owed to tenants, customers, or visitors who have been invited or authorized onto the premises by the owner. A property owner may owe less of a duty of care to a trespasser than to an invitee or guest, with limited exceptions.

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Owners of offices, stores, public pools, gyms, golf courses, and other public places have a duty to warn of hazards on the property and take reasonable steps to make the premise safe. This duty is also applicable to private places such as homes, apartments, condominiums, and mobile homes.

Premises liability encompasses a wide range of possible hazards and injuries, which might include:

  • Slip and fall due to a foreign substance or object on the floor.
  • Fall in a poorly maintained stairwell.
  • Injury due to other poorly maintained building conditions.
  • Animal attack.
  • Exposure to a toxic substance;
  • Poor security; or
  • Drowning due to a poorly marked or fenced swimming pool or other body of water.

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    Property ownership comes with certain rights, but it also comes with responsibilities. Many of these duties recognize the fact that the person who owns, is occupying, or in control of a property is in the best position to be aware of dangerous conditions. This individual is also the best situated to repair or warn guests and the public about hazardous defects or hazards.

    Unfortunately, all too often, property owners and residents neglect their duty to maintain their property. They may allow an array of dangerous conditions likely to cause injury to come into existence. Unfortunately, it is often the innocent pedestrian or bystander who pays the price for the landowner’s negligence or carelessness. Accidents and injuries occurring on the property of another, or premise liability accidents, can inflict serious injuries that alter the course of an individual’s life.

    At Nater Law Firm, PLLC., our premises liability attorneys know all the ins and outs of a premises liability claim, and we fight hard to establish the property owner’s liability while defending you against unfounded claims that you are in some way to blame. We help injury victims receive the full amount of compensation available for their medical expenses and other legal damages, including rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. In Indianapolis, across Central Florida, and throughout the greater Florida state, contact Nater Law Firm, PLLC  for a free consultation with experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys.